Hi, I’m Daniel Hastings.

As a Creative Director and artist I love to imagine, design, write, illustrate and direct. I thrive on big creative challenges and love to work on large-scale projects. I believe that craft extends beyond the creative process and into every facet of workflow and project management.

With experience in advertising, marketing, UX, product design and creative leadership, I’m a diverse Creative Director. I enjoy being hands-on as much as leading others to see their own visions come to fruition.

Demand for great design is at an all-time high but so are consumer expectations. In order to meet those expectations, business, product, design, development and marketing must work together as closely as possible to create brand synergy. To that end I strongly encourage cross-functional team work and promote regular, open communication and transparency wherever possible.

Whether you’re looking for help with hands-on creative, building/leading creative teams or would like to discuss how Agile, Scrum and creative workflow might be implemented or improved in your organization, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!