As I inched closer and closer to high school graduation, most of my family was in agreement that I should continue on with art, as long as I had a good back-up plan.

So I went to art school and as a backup plan, learned how to write. So far so good. Art school led to a design job in an ad agency, then to agency art direction and eventually creative direction.

After about 15 years of that I turned my focus to digital product design. I started working with publishers on apps, animated children’s books, narrative video, and more. I got into experience design and ecommerce. I ran a UX studio for a time and then joined xfinity as Creative Director at their innovation center in Silicon Valley.  Since then I’ve designed an ecommerce platform, helped launch a social audio startup and gained 15 pounds during covid. Overall things are good.

So what do I actually do? I build great creative teams, create powerful brand identities, and lead design, copy and UX for both B2B and B2C companies. I write and create for other stuff too, like books, apps, events and more.