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Hire DLHASTINGS to improve your home’s exterior!  We provide all types of thoughtful, high quality exterior work on Portland’s beautiful residential properties.

As a licensed General Contractor with over 20 years of building experience, my goal is to provide professional service and workmanship that helps you love your home.

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DLHASTINGS does all things exterior including patio pavers, gazebos and pergolas.  It’s time to book those late summer projects!

Summer is a busy time so be sure and start discussions early – contact DLHASTINGS for a project review or estimate today.

Whether fixing something old or building something new, we’ll help to make sure your new construction, restoration or modernization project becomes a success!

Considering the options? We can help you visualize with photoshop mockups, sketches and 3D renderings.

We also provide site plans, lot surveys, permitting services and more.

Enhances closeup ...

It's framin' Friday! Hoping to get a staircase finished on this sucker today.

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Yer doing it wrong ...

Progress! ...

Out with the old - replacing a giant patio, gazebo and bar that collapsed in the ice storm. Let's get to it!

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"We can shingle that"

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This saw was given to me by the boss on my first framing job, Dave Luber of Luber Homes in Syracuse NY, circa 1992. He could never remember my name so he just called me Blondie. The name has faded but the saw is still working hard - thanks Dave, wherever you are!

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Step on it Potzi, we're 12 on center!

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