Another project to come out of the DLHASTINGS studio was this enterprise-level iPad app for Macy’s. It was designed to serve thousands of Macy’s floor managers working in hundreds of retail stores around the country. Our goal was to help the retailer become more immediate in distributing vital information while staying better connected with staff and improving overall operational efficiency.

Each manager handled a unique set of brands for their region or location and many locations had unique floor plans. Location itself would also play a role since stores in different geographic areas would carry different clothing lines at any given time of year. One of our requirements was that each manager would only see the information that was relevant to them so our solution had to deal with credentials and entitlements right up front.

After login the app would display all information relevant to each individual manger, organized by region, store and brand. In addition to offering a complete overview of current product lines, the app detailed selling points, floor schematics, display layouts and more. Managers were encouraged to use the app to assist in the training of sales staff using a drag and drop outfit pairing feature, and to communicate with one another using a built-in discussion board and secure MMS service.

The Notes feature allowed floor managers to easily communicate and learn from one another. For example, if a manager found that a certain combination of product increased sales in one location, they could post photos and notes for others to follow suit.

The app was a success, and is in use today.