The concept was seemingly simple: design a TV remote app for a new Samsung tablet that would accompany a new line of HD TVs. The tablet would be purpose-built for tuning (as opposed to watching content on the device itself) and would feature advanced remote apps from multiple cable and content providers.

In taking on this project our first challenge was to solve the “our stuff vs their stuff” problem which involved figuring out how to deal with aggregated content search and how the user would move between Samsung’s landing pages, the Xfinity app and all the other apps on the tablet. The second challenge was to design something that would mimic our flagship X1 experience without allowing the user to actually view content on the device. And third, since the user would still have an X1 set top box in the home, how could we seamlessly sync activity on the devices?

The effort resulted in a stunning end product that we began to call the “super-remote” because it was so rich and full-featured.

Ultimately, business decisions were made that moved the entire project in a different direction, but I still consider Samsung PX to have been a successful partnership and design/development project.