V2’s brand refresh was designed for the big leagues.

With clients like Adobe, YouTube and Apple Music, it had to be.

V2 Solutions had been known as an engineering firm for over a decade. But the Media division was taking off, and in a whole new direction. As strategic focus shifted toward serving large, high-profile clients the brand needed a change. We also needed something that would work with a pair of new products, Spheric and Ratings Pro.

V2’s new identity was designed to speak eye-to-eye with large clients and to support an international presence. “Solutions” was dropped from the name and I began to search for a more graphic presentation of V2. I wanted something bold and memorable with global appeal.

Initially inspired by Swiss design, the new identity uses bright, flat colors and simple shapes to compliment a playful representation of V2. Some people don’t see the 2 right away, and that’s okay. It’s meant to trigger a double take. After that we usually hear, “oh, cool!”