Gumby was a software tool used to deploy apps across Xfinity’s X1 platform. It wasn’t the only way to do it, and in fact, very few people actual used the product. Rather than tell customers how much they’re going to like this software, I decided to flip the narrative.

The original UI had been created by engineers. Consequently, usability and adoption rates were extremely low. As the UX team set out to redesign the tool itself, I began thinking about how we were going to promote it. How could we make it more fun and more intriguing so that more people would try it?

The existing product name, “Gumby,” came from the idea that the product was flexible. It’s existing tagline was “your elastic friend in the cloud”. I really liked the idea of a software being your friend – something that you’d enjoy spending time with. I decided to expand upon this idea.

I worked with another designer to create a new, super-friendly looking logo. A simple lower-case G, half tucked into a very simple cloud. The colors, the font, the weight and shapes of the lines were all chosen specifically to communicate something friendly.

Then I went to work on marketing. I wrote headlines around that were typical of friends, and designed those into a few key media pieces, event collateral and branded gifts.

The result was a cohesive and memorable campaign that raised awareness, evoked an emotional response, and massively increased usage.