Xfinity Watchathon 2017

In the spring of 2016 my design team and I became interested in working on the XFINITY Watchathon. We noticed that we were missing a great opportunity for the product, and that there were many things that could be done to improve the program for customers, and results for the company.

In addition, we’d been looking for a project that would allow us to really show off our strategic thinking, our design abilities and our executional awareness to the senior leadership team at corporate. Watchathon seemed like a prime candidate.

The project wouldn’t be free of challenges. For example, we’d have to use existing design framework and put minimal impact on dev if our work was ever to be considered for production. Also, we’d need to finish in a very short period of time – we chose Lab Week, a semi-annual week-long event, as our window of opportunity.

While our product/business strategy focused on eventual up-sell to customers, our design strategy focused on three things: branding the program, communicating features and enhancing the overall customer experience. I began by mapping out three distinct phases for the program (pre-event, during-event and post-event) and from there we began to design.

The results were spectacular. After winning Lab Week in Silicon Valley we were invited to present the entire program to the senior leadership team. The work was very well received and discussions surrounding implementation began immediately.