Ecommerce Platform: UX/UI design, naming/branding, copywriting, prototyping, animation, content generation, photoshoot planning, design and direction and collaboration with development.

Establish a modern, performant design for ecommerce that would work equally well for multi-brand retailers (i.e. Staples, Macy’s, etc) and single brand boutiques (i.e. Tiffany’s, Patagonia).

Create a fictional multi-brand store that would feature a broad line of products but also allow for immersive experiences for single brands or product categories. I chose sporting goods as an high-level category in order to stress-test multiple types of products. Then within one category, I designed a brand immersive section. In this case it was a featured page for Specialized Fat Bikes.


  • Rich visual content with optional video throughout
  • Multiple ways to leverage and feature promotions
  • Expanding product thumbnails with direct add to cart functionality
  • Completely reimagined, fully-functional mini-cart
  • Ability to toggle between standard product list pages and “Gallery View” which offered a more visually rich experience including oversized, expanding product quick views and inline video.
  • Brand/product immersive pages. Within this section a user could expand info panels to learn more about the product line, watch videos and informational slideshows, and read customer reviews and more. Pages also featured unique product quick-views that linked to expanded product description pages. For maximum flexibility, all site features and pages were to be modular and configurable so each retailer could create pages that met their own specific needs.


  • Complete site/page/feature design with transactional user flows
  • Working prototypes of the entire site in both InVision and Principle
  • Complete specs
  • Online style and reference guide including each page and feature
  • Video demonstrations of feature animation, page transitions and effects