Ecommerce Platform: UX/UI, concepts, copywriting, content generation, promotions, enterprise software design, white-labeling

Content Generation: Concept, naming, logo design, product sourcing, photoshoot, catalog/data generation, image server


Platform in development – create product to ship to large retailers that would white label and/or purchase commerce microservices.

  • Complete, functional ecommerce stores (B2B & B2C) with data and content
  • Branding we can own and promote
  • Complete enterprise admin console
  • Atomic design component libraries
  • Developer portal
  • Communications and marketing support


Since we now had to actually produce a fully-functional store with realistic content, I needed a product category that would be relatively inexpensive to purchase, shoot and brand, but one that would still offer opportunities for engaging creative. That’s where the idea for T-Giant came from.

T-Giant would have to seem like a real store in every way. It would also have to work with a full-featured admin for everything from loading product data and managing customers to handling merchandising and promotions.

The enterprise component was massively complex and we’d have to start from scratch. We’d also have to start thinking about promoting the product itself, and begin the process of merging product and marketing teams.


  • Finished ecommerce sites with new branding and UI
  • Complete product catalog with a family of unique t-shirt brands
  • Enterprise level Admin console