I’m Daniel Hastings, a builder and creator with over 30 years of experience working on residential properties.

I starting my first contracting business at age 14 with mowing lawns, digging dirt, general labor… basically anything people would hire me to do. I owned a house painting business in high school and Jr. college, and got my first real custom residential experience with a company called Luber H0mes in Syracuse New York. I worked on each of the Luber crews for various lengths of time, gaining a solid foundation in the trades as I went: masonry, framing and carpentry, interior finish and more. While Syracuse was definitely the coldest place I’ve ever worked on a house, the coolest had to be in St Thomas, USVI. Laying tile while being stared down by a while iguana is an experience I will never forget!

A completely separate career took me away from full time contracting for periods of time but I always maintained my skills by building whenever I could. This included building for friends and relatives, contracting on the side, and constantly working on my own homes including the exterior restoration of my current 1940 Tudor.

I always imagined that I’d return to contracting full-time someday and that’s exactly what I did. Retiring early from design and creative direction, in 2020 I decided to devote the rest of my working years to contracting, specifically working outdoors as much as possible.

Today as a general contractor I provide a wide range of building, remodeling and maintenance services to the residential community in and around beautiful Portland, Oregon. Focusing heavily on exterior work keeps me outside much of the time, and keeping my business lean has allowed me to focus on quality building, and on building quality relationships with my clients, many of whom are now repeat customers.

If you’ve got a home in Portland that needs some work (especially exterior work : ) contact me any time at daniel@dlhastings.com. I’d love to hear from you!

(503) 504-2366  or  daniel@dlhastings.com

Call (503) 504-2366 or email daniel@dlhastings.com