The Backstory

As creative careers go, mine has followed a fairly traditional path – chaos and constant change intermixed with periods of glory, tragedy and occasional enlightenment.

I graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Illustration and soon went to work in advertising. Through a variety of agencies on the east and west coasts (including one of my own) I worked as a designer, art director, copywriter and creative director, managed departments and worked on accounts large and small. Some of the great clients I worked on included Paramount/Viacom, Newcastle Beer, Taylor Guitars, Yamaha and more. I loved everything about working in advertising, even the ridiculous hours. But as the years passed, I witnessed technology become an increasingly important factor in all forms of media and it became clear that moving forward meant moving beyond campaigns and into technology.

My first significant move in that direction was in working with two major publishers, HarperCollins and Chronicle Books. I used what experience I had in app development to help both companies launch some of the very first enhanced ebooks. These included animated children’s stories like Freight Train and Animal Show, video cookbooks and a massive video-based app for Pearls Before Swine. From there I started leading heavier projects, partnering up with some serious development firms and designing mobile, e-commerce and marketing apps for many of the largest retailers in the country including Banana Republic, Toys R’ Us, Peet’s Coffee, Macy’s and more.

Next I pushed further into entertainment with companies like Samsung and Comcast/xfinity, and helped several Silicon Valley startups build brands, design products and compete in the global marketplace. I found that my experience in advertising, with a variety of industries and in various positions gave me a unique perspective on how branding and campaign thinking could be applied to any business to help create synchronization between products and services, and even reach to internal efforts.

Today I work with all types of companies as a creative director, writer and designer. I’m active in the convergence of design and technology which is forcing major shifts in the role creative plays in most organizations. With the rise of UX and CX design being so dramatic, and with branding, marketing and traditional design being as important as ever, there is a tremendous need for creative to be inclusive and catalytic across disciplines. I’m a huge supporter of Agile and Scrum, and occasionally speak on topics relating to design in the modern organization. By promoting openness and transparency, and by anticipating creative needs before they become creative emergencies, I help companies to be proactive and successful with creative efforts across the board.

When I’m not working I can usually be found doing something outdoors with my wife and 2 awesome kids.

For inquiries and engagements please feel free to contact me below.